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Small and Medium Commercial Buildings

Small and medium commercial buildings make up 96% of the commercial buildings in the US, using nearly 18% of the country's energy supply. These buildings also serve as a place of work for a number of Californian's and thus the air quality in these buildings is important to understand. A field study will be conducted monitoring in a random sample of approximately 40 small and medium-sized commercial buildings.

The objectives and study plan are briefly as follows:

Setting up air samplers in the lab
  1. Obtain data on SMCB field study building characteristics, and operation and maintenance of their HVAC and air filtration systems.

  2. Obtain field data on the design and performance parameters of HVAC and air filtration systems in SMCB.

  3. Obtain data on indoor pollutant levels, especially toxic air contaminants, and potential pollutant sources in a variety of SMCB.

  4. Measure particulate matter inside and outside of buildings and air exchange rates so that one can estimate penetration rates.

  5. Analyze relationships between and among building ventilation, filtration, operation and IAQ pollutant levels and problems.




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