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Study of Use of Products and Exposure Related Behavior (SUPERB)

Setting up a cameral in a participant's kitchen to provide the participant a way to "show" us what they served at each meal
Exposure to toxic compounds can be influenced by microenvironmental influences and by human activity patterns that bring persons in contact with exposures. The proposed project will develop data collection platforms that can be used in longitudinal assessments of change in exposure-related behaviors. The data to be collected will characterize short-term, seasonal, and long-term changes in daily activities, food consumption habits, and use of household and personal care products. Three data collection methods will be used: validated behavioral surveys administered by telephone; Web-administered versions of these same surveys; and, passive measures of behavior.

Passive measures of behavior will be collected for a subset of the population, including video taping to document food preparation, collection of food receipts, GPS and motion sensors for recording activities, and taking inventory of and weighing consumer products and food items. This platform is a passive monitoring program, requiring minimal action by the participants - in order to minimize drop out and reduce the burden on the participants, and thereby enhance generalizability of results.


Activity patterns are a time budget of an individual's activities over some period of time








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