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Courses on Exposure Science

Epp 262 Principles of Environmental Health Science Dr. Bennett
ETX 146 Exposure and Dose Assessment Dr. Bennett
PHR 450 HACCP and Risk Assessment in Pre and Postharvest Food Safety Dr. Cliver
ETX 101 Principles of Environmental Toxicology Dr. Denison
EXT 203 Environmental Toxicants  
ETX 240 Ecotoxicology Dr. Matsumura
ECI 240 Water Quality  
ECI 242 Air Quality Dr. Chang
ECI 243A Water & Waste Treatment Dr. Darby
ECI 243B Water & Waste Treatment Dr. Schroeder
LAW 230 International Environmental Law Seminar  
LAW 285 Environmental Law  
LAW 289 Toxics Law & Policy  
LAW 294 Environmental Law Seminar  



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