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Faculty and Programs Relating to Exposure Science

The Exposure Science Group is part of the Division of Environmental and Occupational Health withing the Department of Public Health Sciences, and works closely with the Division of Epidemiology. It is headed by Dr. Deborah Bennett.

Exposure Scientists work closely with Epidemiologists, many of whom are a part of the Division of Epidemiology. Faculty collaborating with the Exposure Science Group include Drs. Irva Hertz-Piccioto, Marc Schenker, and Ellen Gold. Some of the ongoing epidemiology projects including exposure include the MICASA, MARBLES, CHARGE, and DEHRI studies.

Other faculty at UC Davis are developing lab based tools for use in helping quantify exposuress, including Bruce Hammock and his laboratory, Ann Dillner and her laboratory, and Steve Cliff and his laboratory.

Air pollution is a major resource focus at UC Davis, housed primarily in the air pollution group. There are numerous research groups within the air pollution group, for example Frank Mitloener's dairy air pollution grup. Some of the faculty include Tony Wexler, Jerry Last, and Cort Anistasio.

There are multiple NIEHS Centers on campus with an Environmental Health focus, including the Superfund center, the NIEHS environmental health center, and the Chidren's center.



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